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Take private or group lessons with an expert instructor either at our centre or remotely.

Take a private or group* two-, three- or four-hour workshop with two experts either at our centre or remotely.

If you are thinking of creating or doing a study abroad from your country, you can take a cultural immersion program at our centre.


A family based centre, Mekar Bhuana is attached to our home and focussed around our garden, pavilion and studio areas.

These are some of the facilities and features at Mekar Bhuana:


We have more than 25 gamelan sets at Mekar Bhuana, with 21 at Mekar Bhuana in Bali and four at Mekar Bhuana Aotearoa in New Zealand.


Current Projects, Planned Projects, and Our Portfolio

We are currently restoring Gender Wayang set #5 which consists of four instruments, but keys only as the original casings no longer exist.

We are in the process of trying to get funding to embark on a restoration project of a historic Javanese gamelan with Chinese connections and rare pakurmatan-style instruments that dates back to the early 1800s.

Our extensive portfolio.

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